We love our clients. We are not biased. See for yourself how great these guys and gals are.

I first met Chloe when she was just 12 weeks old. I fell in love with her right away (for those of you that don’t know…I LOVE WESTIES!). Chloe was an adorable puppy with one ear still flopping downward as it had not yet strengthened to its adult upright position. Paws at Play has been walking Chloe on a regular basis since 2005, and over the years we have watched her grow into a beautiful girl. She always greets us at the door with a toy, ready for her walk. Chloe is quite the “tom girl” and loves to give the local squirrels at the park a hard time (she’s very focused!) or roll around in the grass on hot days. We always look forward to visiting Chloe!

Bailey & Riley

These two are among my very favorite dogs to walk. After a little snuggle time (a must for them) these two are always excited to get out and go. Bailey, the Beagle, just celebrated her 8th birthday on Jan. 2nd, 2008. Her “little sister” Riley, a Corgi mix, is currently 3 years of age. They both “talk” with excited squeals when I arrive to walk them which always makes my day. When it comes time to reward the girls with a treat for their good walking Bailey will let out the famous huge Beagle bay. They both are quite talented at catching their dog cookies, even if I toss them from many feet away. Paws at Play is lucky to walk these girls each day, Monday-Friday, and we have been doing so since 2003.


"Ted is so much happier now.
He lights up when he sees Laurie walking up to the house everyday."
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